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We have shops in Dundee, Edinburgh & Glasgow - visit us!
We have shops in Dundee, Edinburgh & Glasgow - visit us!


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Cat no. HWDD0021838011PMI
Track Listings
1. Jerome
2. High
3. Ace of Hearts
4. 1965
5. East of Eden
6. Hypnotic
7. Mustang Kids [feat. Baby E]
8. The Outlaw Josey Wales
9. Jameson
10. Shadow Preachers
11. Sweet Ophelia
12. Compass

Raised in Pinetop, Arizona, a small mountain town of 7,000, Zella embraced creativity early on inspired by a vast backdrop of natural beauty. Surrounding herself with other musicians, Zella's family-owned Mor Mor Coffee House became a sanctuary for budding artists where she first performed sets of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and Bobby Darin songs with only a guitar. Pulling dually from such songwriting legends and her old-West, Clint Eastwood-clad surroundings, Zella began writing songs with a distinct raw grit that continues to define her sound today.