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ZEKE Hellbender LP Vinyl NEW 2018

Sold out
Cat no. 0781676733118

All the Way
Two Lane Blacktop
On the Road
Working Man
County Jail
Goin' Down
White Wolf
Cougar Rock
Devil's Night
Ride On
Big Rig

Seattle punk legends Zeke return with their first new album in over 14 years, entitled Hellbender! Short, fast, loud, and to the fuckin' point, Hellbender contains 15 tracks laced with the group's signature mix of hyperspeed thrash-punk and Motörhead possessed, hard as nails, rock n' roll. Complete with raucous, in-your-face production by Jack Endino (Nirvana, High on Fire, The Accüsed), Hellbender is the culmination of a band 25 years into their career, sounding more aggressive, immediate and turbo-charged than ever before! Ride to live…