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SUN RA Singles Vol 3 TRIPLE LP Vinyl Jazz NEW 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. STRUT149LP

LP 1

Space Loneliness
State Street
The Blue Set
Big City Blues
A Blue One (Feat. Pat Patrick)
Orbitration in Blue (Feat. Pat Patrick)
Out There a Minute
Tell Her to Come On Home (Feat. Little Mack)
I'm Making Believe (Feat. Little Mack)
LP 2

The Bridge
Rocket #9
Blues On Planet Mars
Saturn Moon
Journey to Saturn
I'm Gonna Unmask the Batman
The Perfect Man
Love in Outer Space
Mayan Temple
Sky Blues
LP 3

Disco 3000
Rough House Blues
Outer Space Plateau
Sometimes I'm Happy
Nuclear War
On Jupiter/Cosmo Drama
Cosmo Drama
I Am the Instrument