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Soundwalk Collective KILLER ROAD 2LP Vinyl NEW

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Cat no. BELLA545V


1. Killer Road (Feat. Patti Smith)
2. My Heart Is Empty
3. Evening of Light
4. Saeta
5. Secret Side
6. Fearfully in Danger
7. I Will Be Seven
8. The Sphinx
9. My Only Child

Killer Road is a collaborative project between Soundwalk Collective, Patti Smith and Jesse Paris Smith.

The roots of the record lie in a fortuitous meeting on an airplane bound for New York. One passenger was Patti Smith; the other was Soundwalk Collective founder Crasneanscki. Soundwalk had previously been a collaborative series of walking guides to cities that created an idiosyncratic and evocative understanding for the listener, before evolving into musical frameworks for field recordings and sight specific sound installations and performances using a variety of texts and themes.

Initially a live audio visual experience in New York as part of 2014’s Crossing The Line festival, the music is now available on record; a poignant, profound, imaginative exploration and tribute nearly 30 years after that fateful summer’s day.