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Ryuichi Sakamoto - Proxima Vinyl LP 2020

Sorry - Sold Out
Cat no. 19439717931

Track Listing:

1. Launch
2. Stella
3. Exhibition Room
4. Travel
5. Gravitation Test
6. VR
7. Rescue in the Water
8. Training
9. Reunion
10. Looking for Stella
11. Iceskating
12. Unconscious
13. Escape
14. Rocket
15. Embarkment

Internationally acclaimed composer, singer, songwriter and producer Ryuichi Sakamoto scores the music to the 2020 French film 'Proxima', directed by Alice Winocour. Sakamoto soundtracks the story of a French astronaut who embarks on a mission aboard the International Space Station, separating her from her young daughter. Sakamoto has won numerous awards for his work as a film composer, including an Oscar, a BAFTA, two Golden Globe Awards and a Grammy.