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KING CREOSOTE From Scotland With Love Vinyl LP 2014

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Cat no. WIGLP338


  1. Something to Believe In 3.14
  2. Cargill 3.16
  3. Largs 3.53
  4. Miserable Strangers 4.47
  5. Leaf Piece 5.32
  6. For One Night Only 4.09
  7. Bluebell, Cockleshell, 123 2.08
  8. One Floor Down 3.05
  9. Crystal 8s 2.12
  10. Pauper's Dough 5.05
  11. A Prairie Tale 1.36

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release from Scottish singer/songwriter Kenny Anderson AKA King Creosote. Comprised of 11 stunning and emotive tracks, FROM SCOTLAND WITH LOVE was written by King Creosote and produced by music supervisor and guitarist David McAulay, with additional production by Paul Savage, in Chem19 Studios in Glasgow. The record features King Creosote accompanied by his band - Derek O'Neill (keyboards), Andy Robinson (drums), Pete McLeod (bass) and Kevin Brolly (clarinet) - as well as an additional string section (arranged by cellist Pete Harvey) and a choir of backing vocalists.