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Innellea Picture: Innellea 12" Vinyl Single 2020

Cat no. DIYNAMIC130

Track Listing:

1. Forced to Bend - Innellea
2. Mars s Moon - Innellea
3. Sorrow - Innellea
4. Electricity - Innellea
5. Catanacean - Innellea
6. Red Thread (Feat. Nala Tessloff) - Innellea

Hosting the ninth edition of Diynamic's 'Picture' series, the Munich based live-act, DJ and producer is bringing the influence of his melancholic club soundscapes that might best be described as a mix of cinematic and post-apocalyptic, combined with a very distinct novelty: using his own vocals. The result of this is an intimate listening experience, that hovers somewhere between wanting isolation and the desire to connect.