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Echo Machine - Instant Transmissions Ltd Edition Red Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. ASSAI006

Limited Edition Red 12" Vinyl in card sleeve with lyric sheet (limited numbered edition of 300).

Release : ASSAI #6

Track Listing:

1. Less Alone
2. Chameleon
3. Headlights
4. I Was Never Here
5. Drug of Choice
6. Automatic Love

Side B.

1. The Western Way
2. The Road
3. Nightlife
4. In Flight
5. When They Come

In the age of playlist friendly background music Echo Machine stand out for sheer volume and immediacy alone. Its pop music, just not as we know it. Built for stadiums but very much at home in your local sticky floored sweat box, "Instant Transmissions" is a wild ride of a record. The guitars sound like synths, the synths sound like guitars, it's both robot and man, ice cold new romantic and chaotic fuzzy punk. This is an exploding glitterball of a record that cannot be ignored.

"Instant Transmissions" is an eleven track biography of a modern man. A human drone coming to terms with life as a member of the useless class, fighting for call centre scraps, rushing towards a hedonistic downfall while clinging to every last scrap of hope. Giving up on life and heading off into the distance in a stolen soft top with nothing but a bag of soiled cash and a little romance to survive on.

It's every film you've ever seen and every dream you've ever had.

"unapologetically unleashing all kinds of mayhem across a confidently chaotic 11 tracks, establishing a New Romantic-meets-80s pop-alt-rock-collision crash to a standard that even the best genre-mashers would be proud of."

"The Dundee group's genre-bending debut is as dance-worthy as it is daring" - The Skinny

"...heroic, epic pop that could be The 1975 in a jam with Simple Minds. Everything about their sound is big. Giant resonant guitars, deep strong bass, powerhouse drums and a big big male voice adorned with effects, all carrying off an irresistible melody, great guitar figures, killer hook and spacious production" - 6Music Fresh On The Net

"like the killers but with more lip stick and eye liner" - Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland