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Cat no. BTBR6.1
Track Listings
1. Lost In A Lullaby
2. The Waltz
3. Bored In A Belly
4. Smile
5. A Fool's Campaign
6. I Am The Beggar Man
7. Life In The Willow Tree
8. A Long, Long Walk
9. Fix Me Love
10. Questioning (A Big Ole Sham)
11. A Better Place

ALL OF THE UNKNOWN was the first time The Drowning Men had the time and resources to think about every sound, individually. We used so many different mics/amps/pedals/guitars to achieve exactly the sound we wanted - James Smith, lead guitar, vocals.

Every singer/ songwriter, musician, guitar player, drummer, etc.. Hopes that they portray themselves well on track. Not only for the movement of the band, but for their own personal growth in music. We strive to play with skill, but more so - with passion. We hope the mood in each song, as well as the whole album, in it's entirety is unique and well understood. We hope that our voice and lyrics fit the instruments and the instruments fit our voice.
If we have accomplished these? We'll never really know. What we do know is that these are our goals, our guidelines, and our pursuit in this wonderful / addicting world of creating song and sound - Nato Bardeen, vocals, keys, guitar, mandolin.