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Coldplay - Everyday Life Vinyl LP New 2019

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Coldplay return with their first new studio album in nearly four years, preceded by the simultaneous release of two new songs on October 24, Orphans / Arabesque, their first new material in over two years

Everyday Life is a double album (single CD), presented in two halves: Sunrise and Sunset, featuring a stunning array of music, that is sure to surprise and delight their massive global fanbase


Sunrise                                                             Sunset

1. Sunrise                                                          1. Guns

2. Church                                                          2. Orphans

3. Trouble In Town                                        3. Èkó

4. BrokEn                                                         4. Cry Cry Cry

5. Daddy                                                           5. Old Friends

6. WOTW / POTP                                            6. آدم بني

7. Arabesque                                                   7. Champion Of The World

8. When I Need A Friend                                8. Everyday Life

180 G Heavyweight Vinyl