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Biffy Clyro ‎Puzzle Vinyl LP New 2015

Sorry - Sold Out
Cat no. 0825646178216

Track Listing

A1 Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

A2 Saturday Superhouse

A3 Who's Got A Match?


B1.1 As Dust Dances

B1.2 2/15ths

B2 A Whole Child Ago

B3 The Conversation Is...


C1 Now I'm Everyone

C2.1 Semi Mental

C2.2 4/15ths

C3 Love Has A Diameter

C4 Get Fucked Stud


D1 Folding Stars

D2 9/15ths

D3 Machines

D4 Drop It

Includes extra track 'Drop It' only previously released on the limited edition CD version. Comes in gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves.