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Wristmeetrazor Misery Never Forgets Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. PROS103631
Track Listing

1 Loathsome2 In Line for Halos3 Insecurity Checkpoint4 Come on in, The Water's Pink5 Goodbye Sweet Betty6 Xoxo (Love Letter from a Loaded Gun)7 He Smiled from Ear to Ear8 Expiry Date : 12 Hours9 No More Blue Tomorrows

Blending screamo and metalcore seamlessly, the three-piece drop their debut full length filled with blistering hardcore as well as slower, expansive and epic post-hardcore. Misery Never Forgets is a crimson slice of emotional violence, whose attack is both frenetic and draining, a maelstrom of vulnerability frought with pain and aggression that calls to mind such stalwarts as Pg. 99, Majority Rule and Zao.Born as an outlet for trauma, Wristmeetrazor toes the duplicitous line of suffering and salvation. This paradigm flickers brighter than ever through the cloak of darkness that is the band's debut LP "Misery Never Forgets", nine tracks of blinding, chaotic emotion. Conceived in the bedroom of guitarist and vocalist, Jonah Thorne, Wristmeetrazor started as a solo project influenced by the likes of screamo bands Neil Perry and Kodan Armada in Spring of 2017. Shortly after releasing a demo, Thorne enlisted help from bassist and vocalist, Justin Fornof. After releasing two EPs in the Fall of 2017, and touring across the southeast, the band rounded out their line up by adding drummer and vocalist, Bryan Prosser.