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WHITE FAT FAMILY Champagne Holocaust LP Vinyl NEW 2014

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. TMR1LP


1. Auto Neutron
  2. Raining In Your Mouth
  3. Who Shot Lee Oswald
  4. Without Consent
  5. Special Ape
  6. Cream Of The Young
  7. Wild American Prairie
  8. Borderline
  9. Heaven On Earth
  10. Bomb Disneyland
  11. Garden Of The Numb
Fat White Family, a band who've crawled out from the crevices of Peckham and Brixton to find gourmet burger bars, designer prams and soulless gastropubs taking over the town. Faced with the yuppie invasion their sole purpose is to cause havoc and deliver something real... Despite the inevitable incidents of chaos, blood, nudity and weirdness that seem to have plagued/fueled this first year of their mission, they are still a band that people want to see.