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Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes Vinyl LP RSD Aug 2020

Cat no. SNAKE858274
Originally put out in 2014, 'Early Morning Shakes' is re-issued here on vinyl for the first time outside of the US, complete with original artwork, gatefold sleeve, lyrics and bonus acoustic tracks.
With album No.3, it was a case of certain things changing and others not; never likely to change was the inspiration behind the music, which in Whiskey Myers' case, is about putting personal experience to the fore…
Simply, these are songs defined by a particular view of the world – a set of beliefs to do with family and history and being proud of where you're from; the lyrics tell the story, and these were put together quickly by frontman Cody Cannon…
"I wrote the lyrics in a couple days in a hotel room on Music Row (Nashville).I had sticky notes on the wall like a crazy person," he laughs.
Cannon has a hand in virtually all of the tracks, the exception being 'Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behaviour' – a cover of a number by original country outlaw, David Allan Coe; it's taken from his 'A Matter Of Life… And Death' release (1987), and fits seamlessly into the album.
From the opening title track, an A-List favourite of Planet Rock, through to emotive closer 'Colloquy', 'Early Morning Shakes' – produced by multiple US Grammy-winner Dave Cobb – stands as one of THE great Southern Rock albums, with the female backing vocals adding superb extra soul.
The Whiskey Myers legend was continuing to grow.