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Weezer - The Green Album Vinyl LP Limited Clear Green Colour 2020

Cat no. 745195

Limited Edition Clear Green Vinyl

Track Listing

  1.     Don't Let Go
  2.     Photograph
  3.     Hash Pipe
  4.     Island In The Sun
  5.     Crab
  6.     Knock-down Drag-out
  7.     Smile
  8.     Simple Pages
  9.     Glorious Day
  10.     O Girlfriend

Weezer, also known as The Green Album, was released May 15, 2001, nearly six years after Pinkerton. Widely credited with being the band who kicked off (and merged) the two sub-genres of punk-pop and geek rock, The Green Album is Weezer's attempt to wrestle back their crown from the upstart likes of Blink 182 and Wheatus. The Green Album, recorded nearly five years after their previous album, the widely ignored (but wholly excellent) Pinkerton, sees the band reunited with former Cars frontman Rik Ocasek, who produced their multi-platinum debut way back in 1994. The result is an album of catchy pop gems, more accessible than Pinkerton, and with a quicker pace and more sonic depth than Weezer.