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We Are Scientists Megaplex Lp White Vinyl 2018

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Cat no. 100LP77


One In, One Out
Notes In A Bottle
Heart Is A Weapon
Your Light Has Changed
No Wait At Five Leaves
Not Another Word
Now Or Never
You Failed
Properties Of Perception

We Are Scientists, the Brooklyn, New York based power pop troupe are set to return with their sixth album. Titled Megaplex, the record features 10 brand new splashes of colourful and utterly addictive pop which serve as a welcome distraction from these bleak times we live in.

“In the past we’ve used our music to educate, to enlighten, to awaken people to the depth and complexity of moral concerns. This time, we really wanted to drop a fun-bomb. Something to dance or fuck to,” states Chris Cain. "At this point in our career, we’ve written so many songs,” explains Keith Murray.  “The pool for this record alone was something like 90 songs deep, but we know exactly what we want out of a We Are Scientists record. We want it to be taut, to bang hard, to have a big hook every four seconds or so. We don’t have to be precious about which songs make it onto a record; we can listen to the ones that didn’t make it at home, on our own time. Megaplex is just the 10 most delicious songs that we have - a stacked-up compound of entertainment."