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WALTER TROUT Alive in Amsterdam Triple LP Vinyl Set NEW

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Cat no. 0819873013525

Track Listings
Side: 1
1. Marie's Introduction (Live)
2. Play The Guitar (Live)
3. Help Me (Live)
4. I'm Back (Live)

Side: 2
1. Say Goodbye To The Blues (Live)
2. Almost Gone (Live)

Side: 3
1. Omaha (Live)
2. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away (Live)
3. Playin' Hideaway (Live)

Side: 4
1. Haunted By The Night (Live)
2. Fly Away (Live)
3. Please Take Me Home (Live)

Side: 5
1. Rock Me Baby (Live)
2. Marie's Mood (Live)

Side: 6
1. Serve Me Right To Suffer (Live)
2. The Love That We Once Knew (Live)

Triple 12” LP Vinyl set, released June 17th 2016 on Mascot/Provogue,
'ALIVE in Amsterdam' is the sound of a man announcing his resurrection after a period on the ropes, it is a live performance of the blues-rock legend at full-throttle.
Walter Trout has never sounded so alive.
Recorded on November 28th, 2015. The location is Amsterdam's Royal Theatre Carré.