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Walter Etc. When The Band Breaks Up Again Vinyl LP Clear Teal Vinyl 2023

Cat no. LPSD18301C
Clear Teal Colour Vinyl


1. When The Band Breaks Up Again
2. Small Town Bro
3. Don't Stop Losing
4. GTFO Thoreau
5. Sylvie's a Mess
6. Victims of Integrity
7. Drown Enough
8. Manic Pixie Misanthrope
9. Happy To Be Here
10. Something To Someone Somewhere

Ventura, CA's Walter Etc was formed in 2009 by childhood friends Dustin Hayes, Kris Schobert and Jake Lee, though at first the band was at called Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra. Named after the fictional character created by James Thurber--popularized by Ben Stiller in 2013's The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty--Hayes has always channeled his thoughts and emotions through that character, rather than write about himself directly. "I really related to the character of Walter Mitty," says Hayes. "He's known for daydreaming too much and being lost in his head, which has been accurate to the Walter in my songs.

But really it's all just a cover up because back in those days we were still on family computers and I didn't want anybody to see songs by Dustin Hayes on iTunes." The band released a number of EPs and albums before going on something of a hiatus in 2015. But the creative itch was something Hayes couldn't stop scratching, and in 2016 he reformed the band as Walter Etc., the idea being to allow members to come and go as they please, weaving in and out of records as life and schedules allowed.

Now, though, Walter Etc. have returned with When The Band Breaks Up Again, a new album made by the original three members with a very telling title. "The three of us got into music together via Green Day and more '90s pop-punk and skate punk stuff," explains Hayes.