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Vistas What Were You Hoping To Find? Vinyl LP Signed Orange & Cream Splatter Colour Assai Edition 2021

Cat no. RR002LPASSAI

Limited Assai Records Vinyl Edition - Album of the Month Obi Edition

  • Assai Records Exclusive Japanese OBi*
  • Signed by the Vistas
  • Orange & Cream Splatter Colour Vinyl
  • Hand-numbered*
  • Limited to maximum of 300 copies*

*Exclusive to Assai Records

Multiple orders will be cancelled without notice. No sales/shipping to non-UK addresses or ebay resellers.


  1. What Were You Hoping To Find?
  2. Start Again
  3. Dayglow
  4. Young Forever
  5. Stuck In Your Head
  6. Brand New
  7. Feels Like Falling
  8. Upside
  9. This Information
  10. Tied Up
  11. Some Are Not Meant To Belong
  12. The Love You Leave Behind