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Vanessa Paradis - Best Of + Variations Vinyl LP New 2019

Vanessa Paradis - Best Of + Variations Vinyl LP New 2019

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Track Listing

1. Il Y A
2. Pourtant
3. Marilyn & John
4. Dis Lui Toi Que Je T'Aime
5. Joe Le Taxi
6. Maxou
7. Sunday Mondays
8. Tandem
9. Natural High
10. Commando
11. Be My Baby
12. Divine Idylle
13. Des Que J'te Vois
14. Just As Long As You Are There
15. Que Fait La Vie
16. L'Incedie
17. Marilyn & John (Acoustic)
18. Dans Mon Cafe
19. La Declaration D'Amour (Live with -M-)
20. Jackadi
21. I Love Paris
22. Emmenez-Moi (Live)
23. La Ballade De Johnny Jane (Live with Jane Birkin)
24. When I Say
25. Concia Chachacha
26. St Germain
27. This Will Be Our Year (Live)
28. Les Filles Electriques (Live with Alain Souchon)
29. Made In Asia
30. Abracadabra
31. I Wouldn't Dare
32. Scarabee (Acoustic)
33. Varvara Pavlovna

Ten years after her first Best of, Vanessa Paradis releases ‘Best of and Variations’. The CD1 brings together the most important singles of Vanessa’s career, from “Joe Le Taxi” to “Tandem” and “Divine Idylle” as well as Vanessa’s new singles from “La Seine” to ‘Love songs’ and ‘Les Sources’. and new single “Vague à l’âme sœur.