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Valeria - Pe Na Estrada 7" Vinyl EP 2020

Cat no. NOAJ7002
Track Listing:
1. Pe? na estrada
2. Artimanhas
3. Marcac?a?o
4. Moreno

The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered between the 10th and the 20th of May, 1983. Focused on the physical recording, Valéria wasn't prepared when she received a phone call from Darcy asking her to send over the cover artwork for her EP in the next day or 2 as the record was ready for release. Not having even thought about the cover art, she asked her cousin, civil engineer Beatriz Roldão, and friends Cézar, Yeda, and Paulo for help. As the graphics needed to be dispatched to Rio ASAP, Beatriz told Valéria there wouldn't be enough time for a photo-shoot and another solution was needed. Luckily, Yeda and Paulo, who had recently traveled to Germany, had a suggestion: 'We have a picture we took in Berlin of a girl sitting on a curb in the city and she looks just like you!' A bit of creative know-how was applied to the photo negative and Valéria's cover was ready.