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Cat no. IMT1226735.1
Track Listings
1. Intro
2. About Me
3. Holdaline (Feat. WondaWendy, Juggy, Mecca Simeus, EJ Von Lyrik)
4. Chanthem (Feat. Gyver Hypman)
5. Hip Hop Interlude
6. Lil Bird Side B
7. Heartbreaka
8. Lovesongs
9. Conspiration Interlude
10. Strange Dayz
11. Dreamworld
12. Lovesongs (Mastermaind Version)

Born in New Zealand to a French father and an Italian mother, with Polish, Turkish and Siberian roots and a Polynesian name, Vaitea is the living portrait of a citizen of the world. Raised with the love of clever rhymes and a dizzying array of musical styles on rotation in the home, she gradually leaned more to hip hop culture. Writing in three languages, working with producers from different countries, performing with hip hop DJs as well as Jazz and Funk, all these ingredients have contributed to the creation of a very personal style, where she joins dots from spoken word to house, jazz and hip hop.

The album is a collection of very intimate tracks, yet created with the intent to share them, or better still, to share the emotions they convey. From the melancholic selfportrait of "About Me", to the anger of "Strange Dayz", through irony, reflections and (self-) motivation, Vaitea travels in a universal state of mind, taking us into ‘her ‘ trip around the World, through Music & Words.