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Turnover - Altogether Vinyl LP Yellow Edition New 2019

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Cat no. RFC200LPC3
Track Listing

1. Still In Motion
2. Much After Feeling
3. Parties
4. Number On The Gate
5. Sending Me Right Back
6. Ceramic Sky
7. Valley Of The Moon
8. No Reply
9. Plant Sugar
10. Temporary Love

There is a closeness at the heart of Turnover’s aptly titled new album, Altogether. Though it’s the first collection the trio has written while living on opposite coasts, the record actually represents the group’s most collaborative and connected work to date, showcasing the intuitive, near-telepathic relationship frontman Austin Getz has developed over the years with his bandmates.

Altogether demonstrates the band’s eclectic mix of personalities from the very start, opening with a lo-fi, jazzy intro that quickly gives way to the driving drums and delay-drenched guitar of Still In Motion. Like much of the album to come, the song is a meditation on change and perspective, on learning to quiet your mind and appreciate the moment before it’s gone. The bittersweet No Reply reckons with guilt over failing to be present with a loved one, while the effervescent Much After Feeling recognizes the sacrifices we make to stay connected across geographical distance, and the breezy Parties grapples with the kind of self-consciousness that can leave us prisoners of our own design. For fans of Beach House, New Order, Sarah Records and Metronomy.