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Trapper Schoepp Primtime Illusion Vinyl LP New 2019

Trapper Schoepp Primtime Illusion Vinyl LP New 2019

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Track Listing

Side A 1. Shakedown 2. It's Over 3. Drive-Thru Divorce 4. Freight Train 5. What You Do To Her Feat Nicole Adkins 6. If All My Nines Were X'sSide B 1. Backup Plan 2. Sleight Of Hand 3. TV Shows 4. My Comrade 5. Oh, Wisconsin

The rising Milwaukee-based troubadour's third studio album 'Primetime Illusion' is released January 25th. Produced by Wilco multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansome, the album features ten essential Trapper originals whittled into shape under Sansome's "inspiration and Jedi-like guidance", offering a refined and relaxed approach akin to the classic Laurel Canyon sound of the 70's: glittering piano, ringing guitars, and crisp vocal harmonies.