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Cat no. ITS145
Track Listings
1. When To Let It Go
2. Back To Mexico
3. Jokes On Me
4. Damn Good Day To Die
5. Cry In The Night
6. See You On The Way Down
7. Navajo In A Ufo
8. Wild Love
9. You Don't Scare Me
10. Gimme Respect
11. To Paradise
12. In My Arms Tonight

Lost Tarantism" is a completely new studio album with twelve hitherto unreleased songs! Tito Larriva, singer and mastermind of Tito & Tarantula, discovered the unpublished and long forgotten footage from the Tarantism sessions in it's archive. Emotional depth always evocative music, which was for a new genre of American film music and stands. Tito & Tarantula at it's best! Tracks full of energy and cinematic associations. Once again you show Tito extraordinary talent as a songwriter and singer, sometimes rock, sometimes trashy, then surprisingly soulful, wistfully. But always be with this wonderful, dangerous voice that tells us so much and guessed so much more and feel. With Peter Atanasoff (Guitars) Tito & Tarantula took the time in the best studios of LA on (including Studio One, Record Plant and Jackson Browne's' private studio), supported by a large pool of excellent musicians, and produced by Robert Rodriguez and David Tickle (Blondie, U2). But not all the songs fit then on the planned album. They were set aside, vanished in the archive, wandered as cartoned tapes in Tito's garage and there fell into oblivion.