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Cat no. TBRC164.1
Track Listings
1. Bugatti
2. Bugatti (Perth Drug Legend Remix)
3. Bugatti (Cliff Lothar Solid Pleasure Remix)
4. Bugatti (Rebolledo's Blue Eb110 Ride Remix)

Tiga drops Bugatti: another irresistible one-liner that can't be missed. a staccato kick-snare rhythm, a robo-funk synth line, a cheeky vocal hook, and a one-note acid line that brings it all together. with remixes by Perth Drug Legend, Cliff Lothar, and Rebolledo. Tiga's made a career out of being catchy, from Plush (TURBO 140EP) to Let's Go Dancing (TURBO 153EP)... How does he do it? His ability to drop a clever turn of phrase separates him from the pack, but the strength and character of his production choices keep things clear of kitsch and make him a perennially hot-tipped commodity