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Thunderstars - Number Stations Vinyl LP 2020

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Cat no. LPMRC614
Track Listing

1. Appalachian Spring Break
2. Oceans
3. Not That Far
4. Ride
5. Sleepyhead
6. Riptide
7. Oscar

ThunderStars is a shoegaze/dream pop band from Austin TX. The band formed in the fall of 2018, and marks the return of longtime Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos multi-instrumentalist, Erik Kang (vocals, guitar, keys). ThunderStars came together when Steven Bednarski (drums) posted a random thought about creating a band to use a phrase that was coined by his toddler during a traumatic trip to the hospital. This "art out of chaos" theme has hung over the band since its inception...After their second live show, ThunderStars bassist, Omar Richardson, was assaulted outside the venue, which resulted in a concussion and subsequent trip to the ER. This incident was covered extensively in Austin news. On the eve of a week-long recording session, the primary studio engineer had a family emergency and had to cancel the project. Rather than scrap the time, lodging and airfare that was already committed, ThunderStars made the decision to track the album in a storage unit. The whole album was recorded by the band and longtime Kang collaborator, Sean Gardner (through an interface borrowed from a big box music retailer). Gardner, who was initially brought in to track auxiliary guitars on the record, became the key producer/engineer on the project. The end product of this recording session is Number Stations, a hazy mix of 90's Creation bands with clear artifacts from Kang's time on the road and Gardner's keen ear for production.