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THUNDERCAT Drunk Vinyl LP Boxset 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. BF064


A1 Rabbot Ho0:38

A2 Captain Stupido1:41

A3 Uh Uh2:16

A4 Bus In These Streets2:24

B1 A Fan's Mail (Tron Song Suite II)2:38

B2 Lava Lamp2:58

B3 Jethro1:34

C1 Day & Night0:37

C2 Show You The Way3:34

C3 Walk On By3:19

D1 Blackkk1:59

D2 Tokyo2:24

D3 Jameel's Space Ride1:09

E1 Friend Zone3:12

E2 Them Changes3:08

F1 Where I'm Going2:09

F2 Drink Dat3:35

G1 Inferno4:00

G2 I Am Crazy0:25

G3 3AM1:15

H1 Drunk1:42

H2 The Turn Down2:29

H3 DUI2:18

If you move in certain areas of music (the LA Brainfeeder / cosmic jazz axis and surrounds), you will appreciate Thundercat as a god-like figure. The man plays electric bass like nobody’s business, but he is also a mighty songwriter, and Drunk is his own record.