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Throwing Muses - Purgatory/Paradise Vinyl LP RSD Aug 2020

Cat no. FIRELP589

Track Listing:

A1    Smoky Hands 1    
A2    Morning Birds 1    
A3    Sleepwalking 2    
A4    Sunray Venus    
A5    Cherry Candy 1    
A6    Film    
A7    Opiates    
A8    Cherry Candy 2    
B1    Freesia    
B2    Curtains    
B3    Triangle Quantico    
B4    Morning Birds    
B5    Lazy Eye    
B6    Blurry    
B7    Folding Fire    
B8    Slippershell    
C1    Bluff    
C2    Blurry    
C3    Terra Nova    
C4    Walking Talking    
C5    Milan    
C6    Curtains    
C7    Folding Fire    
C8    Static    
D1    Clark’s Nutcracker    
D2    Dripping Trees    
D3    Sleepwalking    
D4    Smoky Hands    
D5    Speedbath    
D6    Quick    
D7    Dripping Trees    
D8    Glass Cats

Throwing Muses released their long awaited Purgatory/Paradise in 2013, 10 years after their previous studio album - a 32 track opus of tangible bliss. Initially devised as both an album and as a book, with writing by Hersh and art by Narcizo, this vinyl reissue features all 32 tracks from the alt-rock heroes.