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THOMPSON TWINS Heres To Future Days LP Vinyl NEW 2018

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. VIN180LP106

LP 1
Don't Mess With Doctor Dream
Lay Your Hands on Me
Future Days
You Killed the Clown

King for a Day
Love Is the Law
Emperor's Clothes (Part 1)

LP 2
Lay Your Hands on Me (Us Remix)
Shoot Out
Heavens Above

The Kiss
Desert Dancers
King for a Day (Us Remix)

Remastered and pressed on two 180g vinyl discs 'Here's To Future Days' is the fifth album by the Thompson Twins and after the runaway success of Into The Gap initial recording started with Alex Sadkin who'd streered the band to commercial success with their previous two outings, Quick Step & Side Kick and Into The Gap. This two disc edition features a bonus disc of 12inch remixes and extended versions that originally appeared on the UK cassette version of the album. Side 1 opens with the original Alex Sadkin American remix of 'Lay Your Hands On Me' , 'Shoot Out' a remix of 'Don't Mess With Doctor Dream' and 'Alice' an instrumental version of 'Lay Your Hands On Me' and 'Heavens Above' the instrumental of "Future Days'. Side 2 opens with 'The Kiss' a remix of 'Tokyo' and "Desert Dances' a remix of 'Breakaway' and closes with the Morales US remix of 'King For A Day'. The first single from the album 'Lay Your Hands On Me' was another big hit however the band decided to part ways with Alex Sadkin and produced the album themselves. Tom Bailey was then diagnosed with nervous exhaustion and the whole project was put on hold on the eve of the release of the next single 'Roll Over'. After a long period of rest the band began to revisit the project and decided to enlist the help of Chic co-founder producer Nile Rodgers. With Rodgers now producer the material took a more guitar orientated direction and Rodgers also added gospel vocals to the album version of the first single 'Lay Your Hands On Me'. The US remix of the single retained the original elements of the Alex Sadkin mix. Before the albums release the band played Live Aid in 1985 showcasing their new rockier sound with 'Revolution' a cover of the The beetles track and they were joined on stage by Rodgers himself, Madonna and guitarist Steve Stevens. Subsequent singles 'Don't Mess With Doctor Dream' and 'King for A Day' were the band final UK Top 10 hits, although the album still is a firm favourite amongst their fans to this day.