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Thijsenterprise - Lahringen Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. RSRECS6
Track Listing:
1. Muslikt
2. Another Digital Handshake
3. El Arriero
4. Kuchsfeer
5. Skeer Is Meer
6. One For Poots
7. Rietje
8. Never Stop Jumping Fences
9. Sketchy
10. Contort Yourself
11. Do Nothing Without Intention
12. Skate And Destroy
13. The Allegroes
14. Saxspetters
15. Ploerterig
16. Drunken Break Theme

Reinier Thijs a.k.a. Thijsenterprise's project 'Lahringen' begins where most of his previous creations have left off. Through reedy skronking sax, no easy listening aesthetics here, we get that passport to the '80s. The intersection between Lou Reed's old New York attitude and the encroaching rhythmic assault about to hit. Post-punk, featuring steady bass lines-peak demon Jaco to cool as fuck Slits era-in transit. The first track in, bumping new-wave-jazz bravado, immediately covers those grounds the Dutch native likes to dig in on. He pays tribute to Gato Barbieri with 'El Arriero', continuing in that off-kilter mash-up of sound textures. This time its beats and machismo.