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Loyalty Program is active again! In time for RSD 2024

THERION Of Darkness Vinyl LP 2017

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Cat no. VILELP680

The Return
Asphyxiate With Fear
Morbid Reality

A Suburb To Hell
Genocidal Raids
Time Shall Tell
Dark Eternity

The classic 1991 debut album of Swedish death metal from the legendary Therion. Presented on vinyl with original cover artwork. Swedish act Therion originated in the late 80s, initially out of the band Blitzkrieg, & eventually as a shortened version of the Celtic Frost-inspired Megatherion. Following a couple of demos in 1989 as the style evolved out of an effective and raw mix of thrash/death, it was Therion's next demo, 'Time Shall Tell' which gained the attention of Deaf/Peaceville Records; the fruits of which surfaced as the debut studio album, 'Of Darkness...'. 'Of Darkness...' was released in 1991 and featured the songs which mainman Christofer Johnsson had composed in the 1980s. The album could be defined as an early example of progressive death metal, though also included influences from other genres, further distinguishing them from other traditional death metal acts of the time, who were often focused solely on brutality. The lyrics were also more politically & socially themed, relating more heavily towards the downfall of the planet and mankind. The album was recorded at the infamous Sunlight Studio in Stockholm (Entombed, Katatonia, Amorphis), with producer Tomas Skogsberg. Therion later went on to great success in the symphonic metal field, becoming one of the leading and enduring names of the genre. This vinyl edition of 'Of Darkness...' is presented with the original sleeve artwork.