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The Young Sinclairs Of The Box Vinyl LP Cream Edition 2019

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Cat no. RPUT31X

1. Drifting Haze
2. Get Along (I Hope That You Do)
3. Truth Can't Be Tried
4. Birthday Card
5. Same Old Now
6. Out Of The Box
7. Stay All Night
8. Disappear
9. In This Room
10. Come On Now (Give You All My Love)
11. Action Movies
12. Turn Off The Light
13. Leviathan

Cream vinyl special edition

Roanoke versatile folk-rocker Sam Lunsford's project The Young Sinclairs channel timeless sixties influenced Folk-Rock with british Madchester / C86 indie pop influences like a modern embodiment of the Paisley Underground movement.

The Young Sinclairs are a Rock & Roll band, first and last. They have been engineering and producing their own recordings in their hometown of Roanoke, Virginia since 2005, led by chief singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Samuel Lunsford (also known as Stimulator Jones). Although they display a fondness for tube amps, 12-strings, tambourines, spring reverb, and the analog sounds of decades past, The Young Sinclairs are far more than just a fleeting retro act. The group have successfully explored many styles and textures throughout their existence, and still continue to push themselves to evolve artistically. They are not merely a sum of their influences, or their record collections - what they do is distinctly their own. Their latest LP, 'Out Of The Box', is a prime example of that innate desire for creative expansion and innovation. The album title itself refers directly to that quest for freedom, and a refusal to be confined to any specific style, form, or label. A melange of shoegaze, folk-rock, psychedelia, soul, breakbeats, drone, tough R&B, and bouncy pop awaits the listener within. Open up, embrace the vibrations, and liberate yourself.

"Coming from a band that could've easily satisfied its patiently-waiting cult with another serving of gentle jangle, Out of the Box reaps the unexpected benefits of thinking outside the box." Bandcamp

"An essential release for fans of more well-known groups like Triptides and Levitation Room." Record Turnover