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The White Buffalo Love And The Death Of Damnation LP Vinyl New

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 5055006555721

Track Listing

Dark Days 3.05
Chico 2.54
Go the Distance 3.07
Radio With No Sound 3.22
Home Is in Your Arms 4.17
I Got You 3.13
Modern Times 2.30
Last Call to Heaven 4.06
Where Is Your Savior 4.19
Rocky 3.57
Come On Love, Come On In 5.11

Meet The White Buffalo, project of earthy, Oregon-born and Southern California-raised singer/songwriter Jake Smith, whose music is finally getting the attention it deserves, thanks in part to a number of his tracks being used in the hit show, "Sons of Anarchy". Following on from his first ever UK show in 2015, in which he played to a sold out crowd after it had already been upgraded to a larger venue, his 4th album, "Love And The Death Of Damnation", will be given a full European release on Earache Records.