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THE STAVES & YMUSIC The Way Is Read LP Vinyl NEW 2017

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Cat no. 0075597933208

Take Me Home
Trouble on My Mind
Bladed Stance
All My Life
Silent Side
Year of the Dog

Courting Is a Pleasure
All the Times You Prayed
Sprig of Thyme
The Way Is Read

After being commissioned in 2016 by Justin Vernon's Eaux Claires Festival to collaborate on a live performance piece, The Staves delved deep into yMusic'€™s catalogue of contemporary classical compositions to find pieces suited to their lyrics and vocals. While the Festival is known for bringing musicians together for one-off performances, this is the first time one of those partnerships has made the leap into a studio album.


Emily Staveley-Taylor says of the collaboration, "Our aim from the outset was to truly collaborate with yMusic. We wanted to feel like instruments and join in with some of yMusic'€™s existing work, using our voices in ways we hadn'€™t previously explored. We chopped up compositions and put them together again in new ways. We took old folk songs and made them abstract. The idea of forming an orchestra with these incredible musicians was fascinating. What we have ended up with is everything we'€™d hoped, more than we dreamed, and hopefully the tip of the iceberg."€