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THE SHADOWS At their Very Best 2LP Vinyl NEW 2017

Sold out
Cat no. DEMREC242

Man Of Mystery
Wonderful Land
The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt
The Theme From ""The Deerhunter"" (Cavatina)
The Boys
The Frightened City
Theme For Young Lovers
Dance On
The Savage
Guitar Tango
Genie With The Light Brown Lamp
Foot Tapper
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Kon - Tiki
The Stranger

The Shadows remain one of the most proli? c bands of the last 60 years and were the ?rst to pioneer the now familiar line-up of two guitars, bass and drums.

In 1989 The Shadows entered the studio to create 20 brand new recordings of their most popular hits, all reproduced with the added bene?t of new studio technology. At Their Very Best is a collection comprised of the tracks from this gold-status album, which reached #12 in the UK charts during upon release in 1989.