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The Self Preservation Society LP Vinyl Compilation NEW 2018

Cat no. ECC100012

LP 1
Get A Bloomin' Move On - The Pickled Walnuts
The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack - Beagle & Amalthea
Hocus Pocus - Man Diamond
Time Of The Season - Jackie Oates
Fresh Garbage - Julie Tippetts
I Wouldn't Leave My Wooden Wife - Iamesh And The Secret Collective
Gunga Din - Rosie Doonan & Ben Murray
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) - Beagle & Amalthea
Lady Eleanor - Ben Murray
As You Said - Doonan, Oates & Manga
Sunshine Of Your Love - Barney Morse – Brown
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye - Marry Waterson

LP 2
Hello, I Love You - Beagle & Amalthea
Reasons For Waiting – Honeyfeet
She's Not There - Teddy Thompson
Riders On The Storm - The Dhol Foundation Featuring Charlie Casey
Kashmir - The Imagined Village
White Rabbit – Honeyfeet
America - The Naked King
Utterly Simple - Sheema Mukherjee
For What It's Worth - Kami Thompson
Don't Bogart Me – Honeyfeet
Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band - Iamesh And The Secret Collective

LP 3
Lullaby - Matt Shaw & James Porter
Graveyard - Jackie Oates & Barney Morse – Brown
Terrapin - James Porter
The River - The Naked King
Montana - Iamesh And The Secret Collective
Get A Bloomin' Move On - Dream Themes
Nantucket Sleighride - Beagle & Amalthea
Stamping Ground - Iamesh And The Secret Collective
Moonchild - The Naked King
Time Has Told Me - Ben Murray
It Happened Today - Wojtek Godzisz