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Crisix - Sessions: #1 American Thrash Vinyl LP Red Edition 2019

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Cat no. POSH501

Track Listing

1. World in a World
2. Critical Mass
3. The Hood
4. Chalice of Blood
5. Toxic Waltz
6. Imitation of Life
7. C.O.T.L.O.D.
8. Infectious Hospital Waste

Admittedly one of nowadays most explosive European Thrash Metal act live , Barcelona's CRISIX have kept on rampaging clubs and festivals since the release of their much acclaimed latest album 'Against the Odds' in 2018.CRISIX band members are very much genuine enthusiastic music fans and they want to celebrate their favorite bands by releasing a series of tribute albums in connection with a music genre, style, area, era or year. The first one is paying hommage to their Thrash Metal heroes from North America, including covers of Forbidden, Vio-Lence, Testament, Exodus, Evildead, Demolition hammer, Anthrax, Nuclear assault. The album was recorded in Amplifier studios in Barcelona, Spain and mixed and mastered by Gerard Rigau.The band comments: ''We have been willing to do a cover album for a long time, but there is just too many bands that we love , so we decided to divide it into pieces and release a series of cover albums where we focus on a specific style. The first one is dedicated to American Thrash.We all in CRISIX are music lovers and we love covering different bands, songs and styles. When we travel in our van we listen to all kind of music and do crazy covers at soundchecks. We are music collectors, we're sure you understand the sort of dilemma we were facing when finally deciding which 8 songs we wanted to put on the first cover album. We soon realised that this is only the first cover album in a series of future ones. So we finally chose 8 songs that represent to us the core of American Thrash. This time we didn't cover Metallica, Slayer, Overkill or Megadeth for instance; There is time for all of that later on. For now, we 're happy to release our first session : 'Sessions: #1 American Thrash' !.''CRISIX' 'Sessions: #1 American Thrash' will be released via Listenable records in compact disc, coloured vinyl and cassette.Listenable records here also celebrate their 500th physical product release with this album, Hurrah !.#BANGTHATHEAD !!!DISCOGRAPHY : The Menace (2011)Rise..Then re