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The Rise Of The Synths LP Purple Vinyl 2018

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Cat no. LKSO35070.1
Track Listing

LP 1
Chrome Canyon - Deckard Returns
Gunship - The Vale Of Shadows
Power Glove - Fatal Affair
Geno Lenardo - Makita
Com Truise - Idle Withdrawal

Daniel Davies - Lost In A Love
Robert Parker - Silver Shadow
Waveshaper - A Mission To Remember
Code Elektro - Black Rain
German Engineering - The Osbourne Effect

LP 2
Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne - Triage
Carpenter Brut - Night Stalker
John Bergin - Crash & Burn
Dance With The Dead - Dead Of Night
Lazerhawk - A Hero's Journey

OGRE - Rebar (Prologue)
John Bergin - Fleshman
Mega Drive - Stargate
Voyag3r - Appearance Of The Mysterious Traveler

Limited purple colored vinyl LP pressing. The Rise Of The Synths is the definitive documentary about '80s retro electronic music, '80s nostalgia, and the synthwave music scene. In support of the film, Lakeshore Records is releasing The Official Companion Album on double vinyl featuring many of the best known synthwave bands including Gunship, Carpenter Brut, Com Truiseand more. Includes 100% exclusive original songs from the two Companion Album EPs, plus new bonus tracks for this full length edition.