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The Neal Morse Band The Great Adventure Triple Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. 156267
Track Listing:Act I:Chapter 1 (12:50)1. Overture 2. The Dream Isn’t OverChapter 2 (23:48)3. Welcome To The World 4. A Momentary Change5. Dark Melody6. I Got To Run7. To The RiverChapter 3 (17:59)8. The Great Adventure9. Venture In Black10. Hey Ho Let’s Go11. Beyond The BordersAct II:Chapter 4 (18:13)1. Overture 22. Long Ago3. The Dream Continues 4. Fighting With Destiny 5. Vanity FairChapter 5 (30:57)6. Welcome To The World 27. The Element Of Fear8. Child Of Wonder9. The Great Despair 10. Freedom Calling11. A Love That Never Dies