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The Monkees Head Vinyl LP Soundtrack Silver Colour 2019

Cat no. 0603497851119

Silver Colour Vinyl


1. Opening Ceremony
2. Porpoise Song (Theme from "Head")
3. Ditty Diego-War Chant
4. Circle Sky (Live Version)
5. Supplicio
6. Can You Dig It
7. Gravy
8. Superstitious
9. As We Go Along
10. Dandruff
11. Daddy's Song
12. Poll
13. Do I Have to Do This All over Again (Long Title)
14. Swami-Plus Strings (feat. Ken Thorne)
15. Ditty Diego-War Chant (#2)
16. Circle Sky (Live)
17. Happy Birthday to You
18. Can You Dig It (Alternate Mix)
19. Daddy's Song (Alternate Mix)
20. Head Radio Spot

Head was an experimental freaky trip of a film released in late 1968. It starred The Monkees, who also recorded the soundtrack, and was directed by Bob Rafelson. It was written by Raffelson along with Jack Nicholson and featured cameo appearances from Frank Zappa and Terri Garr. The soundtrack, features such songs as Porpoise Song and Circle Sky.