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THE MEZINGERS After The Party LP Vinyl NEW Indies Only Limited Coloured

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 8714092748932


1.Tellin' Lies
2.Thick As Thieves
4.Midwestern States
5.Charlie's Army
6.House On Fire
7.Black Mass
8.Boy Blue
9.Bad Catholics
10.Your Wild Years
11.The Bars
12.After The Party
13.Livin' Ain't Easy

Appears as an indie edition on colourful vinyl (bone with red/yellow/blue splatters) including download code.

Finally, the US punk rock band The Menzingers present their longed-for fifth album 'After the Party'. The album's predecessor 'Rented World' was already a huge hit among fans and critics alike. With the new album, produced by Will Yip, the band from Pennsylvania hope to trump their 2014 release – not just because of the new album's larger-than-life melodies and magnificent power chords, but also because the boys bring an incredible depth to these songs.