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The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco Vol. 2 Vinyl LP 2020

Track Listing

1 Pretty Bird
by Terea
2 Love the Way You Love Me
by Marti Caine
3 Mon Ami-E
by Diane Tell
4 I Love to Boogie
by Lulu
5 Isn't It Always Love
by Karla Bonoff
6 Here I Go Fallin' in Love Again
by Franne Golde
7 For David
by Martee Lebous
8 The Way I Want to Touch You
by Lonette McKee
9 I Can't Let Go
by Kristle Murden
10 Lovin' Eyes
by Janis Siegel
11 Womanly Way
by Linda Tillery
12 I'll Just Die
by Ullanda McCullough
13 Baby, Don't You Do It
by Nicolette Larson
14 The Story of Love
by Valerie Carter
15 The Rising Cost of Love
by Elkie Brooks
16 Back Off
by Holly Near

On volume 2 of 'The Ladies of Too Slow to Disco', DJ Supermarkt has brought together 16 compelling tunes and hidden gems from 1974-82 that tell a deeper, more political story, while taking the suave sounds you love into new territory: soul, gospel and jazz. The songs on this compilation are from women who were taking control of their own careers, making an independent stance in the some of the most trying years for women in the history of the recording industry. In an effort to tell the often untold, yet deeply influential, stories of this delicious period of music, volume 2 highlights songs from players who broke through the machismo that sat upon the glass ceiling before them to create classics.