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The Front Bottoms In Sickness & In Flames Vinyl LP Grey Colour 2020

Cat no. 0075678647666

The Front Bottoms' 2020 album 'In Sickness & In Flames', pressed on great vinyl and housed in a gatefold sleeve.

The album includes the songs 'Camouflage', 'Every Blooms', 'Montgomery Forever' and 'Fairbanks, Alaska'.

Track Listing:

1. Everyone Blooms
2. Camouflage
3. Jerk
4. The Truth
5. Montgomery Forever
6. The Hard Way
7. Leaf Pile
8. New song
9. Fairbanks, Alaska
10. Love At First Sight
11. Bus Beat
12. Make Way

American Folk punkers The Front Bottoms celebrating life and purge angst on their fifth album, ‘In Sickness & In Flames’ which finds them pushing forward with positive and creative energy, and features celebrated singles “Camouflage” and “Everyone Blooms.”. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Brian Sella and drummer Mathew Uychich, The Front Bottoms have gripped listeners and press around the world with their ragged honesty and emotional urgency.

The New Jersey based band’s 2017 album, ‘Going Grey’ arrived to critical acclaim with lead single “Peace Sign” breaking into the Alternative Radio charts. Some of the praise included “The Front Bottoms make memorable sing-a-longs that call back to a different, simpler, sadder era of confessional guitar music” (Fader) and “grand and reflective and damn near arena-ready.” (Stereogum) A.V. Club professed, “The Front Bottoms are more confident, and secure enough to confess to all they don’t yet know. It’s a privilege to listen in as they work it out”.

Describing their new album, the band said: “Earlier this year, we made a new album and decided to name it 'In Sickness & In Flames'. When we were writing the album and settling on the title, it meant something completely different to us. We could have never imagined where the world would be just six months later. In true TFB style this album has developed into something of its own that we no longer control the narrative of”.