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The Charlatans Wonderland Vinyl LP New 2018

Cat no. 6775220
Track Listing

1. You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty
2. Judas
3. Love Is The Key
4. A Man Needs To Be Told
5. I Just Can't Get Over Losing You
6. The Bell And The Butterfly
7. And If I Fall
8. Wake Up
9. Is It In You?
10. Ballad Of The Band
11. Right On
12. Love To You

Not since it first appeared on vinyl in 2001 has The Charlatans’ 7th studio album ‘Wonderland’ been readily available, now almost after an 18 year absence ‘Wonderland’ has been re-pressed on 2 x 180g vinyl featuring original artwork and indie classics ‘Love Is The Key’ and ‘A Man Needs To Be Told’. With SoV download code.