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Cat no. 3RANGE39LP
Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Tone Blooze
2. Unpainted Arizona
3. Solomon Bites the Worm
4. U.T.A.
5. 4-day Weekend
6. Sleazy Bed Track
7. If...
8. The Jub-jub Bird
9. Sky Will Fall
10. Ames
11. Down at the Reservoir
12. Heard You Were Dead
13. Broken Starr
14. Woman Done Gone Left Me

Return To The Last Chance Saloon is a hit packed, gold selling, Top 10 album that was originally released in March 1998. Featuring the hit singles Solomon Bites The Worm , If , and Sleazy Bed Track plus mail-order only single 4-Day Weekend , this re-issue is augmented by the addition of standalone Top 10 single Marblehead Johnson. The bonus material included across this 2CD set includes each band members favourite B-side, plus a stunning gig recorded at BBCs Sound City in Newcastle in 1998. A set packed with all their hits; its the sound of a band at the top of their game playing to a jubilant and adoring audience. The 2CD, 36 track package is completed by the addition of previously unreleased BBC session tracks from the era and all contained in a tri-fold sleeve with a new booklet containing brand new sleevenotes from Mark Morriss. "Return To.." is as fresh as your first outdoor breath on a crisp spring day, as adrenalising as a five mile freefall into neat vodka and as heartbreaking as finding an ex''s hair on a long forgotten shirt. Melody Maker, 1998 At times better than anything they''ve ever done NME, 1998