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THE BEVIS FROND Through The Looking Glass LP Viny NEW 2015

Sold out
Cat no. BRED655


LP 1
1970 Home Improvements
Now You Know

The Shrine

LP 2
Rat In A Waistcoat
In Another Year
Song For The Sky

Purtle Sline
I Can't Get Into Your Scene
Die Is Cast
Alistair Jones

Featuring screaming guitars, whimsical psychedelia and more than a twisted tune or two, this is an epic excursion into the madcap world of The Bevis Frond. A long out of print rarity on CD that features stellar performances from a man who the psych fanzine scene hailed as an eccentric sprite with echoes of everyone from Hendrix to the MC5. Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by The Bevis Fronds Nick Saloman. Also available as a limited edition double vinyl set.