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Cat no. PRST102171.1
The Moon Lit Our Path" is the second album of temple, it puts everything in ruins. A dynamically-epic and organic monument of instrumental Metals for all those whose hearts when Mastodon, ENSLAVED, ISIS and a rich reef beats faster. STAMP from Phoenix, Arizona, were originally founded as a complete band before they made ??in 2006 to a Duo guitarist / keyboardist Ryan Wenzel and drummer Rick Corle shrank. The thus streamlined duo experimented in Wenceslas own recording studio, Arrowhead, where they feilten at its utterly unique sound - thundering instrumental metal, taking as its premise Prog, black metal and post-metal are poured into a monumental soundscape. Her self-released debut, On The Steps Of The Temple "let Prosthetic Records sit up, the re-released the album in 2014 under the applause of fans and critics. TEMPLE have spent the last two years trying to move musical boundaries, To, The Moon Lit Our Path "reach. The five passionate tracks require the full attention of the listener. We have let ourselves with every fiber on the album," says Wenzel. , The new album is an evolution that affects every aspect of our work, "adds Corle., The aim was to keep every part of each song constantly in motion. We wanted that interrupts nothing these forward thrust. At the same time we wanted with all the varieties of Metal work that we love -. and that we believe that we have missed on our debut "