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Teenage Fanclub Bandwagonesque Vinyl LP 2011

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Cat no. MOVLP336


The Concept
What You Do To Me
I Don't Know
Star Sign

Metal Baby
Pet Rock
Guiding Star
Is This Music?

Bandwagonesque, the Scottish Teenage Fanclub's sophomore album, was released on two of the most prolific indie labels of the early nineties; Creation in the UK & Geffen in the Unites States. And as disparate as those two labels might seem, Teenage Fanclub managed to unite the guitar sludge with the infectious melodies of both the budding Grunge and Britpop movements.

It's no surprise that the forerunners of both genres Kurt Cobain and Noel Gallagher named Teenage Fanclub the best band in the world. (Alright; Noel Gallagher said they were the second best band in the world). But despite its massive critical success, Bandwagonesque topped Spin Magazine's end of year list, beating Nevermind, Out Of Time and Loveless, the mainstream didn't follow until a few years later.

Bandwagonesque is filled with incandescent harmonies, lazy yet immediate songs and a laissez faire irony; its classic guitar pop makes it one of the 1001 albums you have to have heard before you die...