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Teebs - Ardour Vinyl LP Colour 2020

Cat no. BF010X
Track Listing:
1. You've Changed
2. Bound Ball
3. Double Fifths
4. While You Doooo
5. Moments
6. Burner
7. Wind Loop
8. Lakeshore Ave.
9. Arthur's Birds
10. Gordon
11. Bern Rhythm
12. Felt Tip
13. King Bathtub
14. My Whole Life
15. Long Distance
16. Why Like This?
17. Humming Birds
18. Autumn Antique
19. WLTA
20. Everyone Alive Wants Answers
21. For Phil
22. SP Tapes
23. SPCD
24. Magnolia Redo

On 11 October 2010, Brainfeeder released the debut album by a 23 year old ex-skater, painter and music producer from Chino Hills called Teebs (real name Mtendere Mandowa). The title 'Ardour' means great enthusiasm, love or passion and was a fitting descriptor for his inherently warm, lushly textured beats. It's an undisputed classic in the Brainfeeder canon and more widely considered an essential chapter in the ever-evolving puzzle of the global 'beat scene'. This special 10th anniversary edition features six previously unreleased bonus tracks.